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A review isn't about making changes, it is about having a real understanding of where you are, the risk you are taking on and what benefits you are paying for...

Do You Have a Bad Annuity!

Or an annuity that has high fees, or you just don't know?!
Custom Annuity Review


POLICY INFORMATION - Provides important information like Owner/Annuitant on the policy, Account Type; Non-Qualified, Qualified (IRA/401k, 403b, etc.), Name of Insurance Company, Product Name, Surrender Charge Schedule, Contract Opened date, Statement Date, Number of Years in Force.

POLICY VALUES - Most recent account information is pulled from the client's most recent statement. These are actual values from one of our clients Variable annuity account. This policy was active for 2.3 years and had lost almost $10,000 in cash value during that time, representing a -2.50% return on his assets. This contract did include an income and death benefit benefit, however, the client was paying over 2.25% for these riders and he didn't even know why he owned the product, and based on his overall assets, did not require these options.

Custom Annuity Review

SUMMARY - This chart provides a visual representation of estimated annual fees by source.

Custom Annuity Review

*To date, the fees on this client's account shown above, were the highest that we have ever seen on a variable annuity. Again, this client was not informed what this product was going to do for him, nor did he understand he would be charged any fees at all, let alone more than 5.0%! This was a client who had a net worth north of $2 million dollars, he had no need for the enhanced death benefit, or supplemental future income needs. This was the Registered Rep at the Broker Dealer who had his own best interest of a high commission, not the clients' best interest.

FULL BREAKDOWN OF FEES - This section allows you to put a dollar value to each benefit. This is where we help you understand if the fee charged is substantiated. Keep in mind that to take advantage of the income rider or enhanced death benefit, you actually need to start income (through annuitization, losing total control of your asset). After meeting with the client, neither of these were an objective as part of the total investment. I ask again, who is handling your IRA assets for retirement?

Custom Annuity Review

EFFECT OF FEES OVER A 10-YEAR PERIOD - This chart helps you visualize a realistic annual return from your current investment over the next decade, based on current fees and charges on the account. It is clear to see who is making the money here...

Custom Annuity Review

* Simply earning 4% with this account would provide an effective annual return over the 10 years of -1.24%. Also, fees would be approximately $79,073 over the same period. At a 6% return, you would net just 0.71% (less than 1%)and pay approximately $87,149 in fees. I ask you another question, do you want your financial professional to make more on your account than you do? These figures also DO NOT take in to account any cost of living adjustments.

FINAL REPORT PAGES ARE PROPRIETARY TO RISE FINANCIAL GROUP - The last few pages of our Custom Annuity Policy Report are proprietary. These pages will show the impacts of withdrawals and how long the clients annuity will provide cash value protection, the report will compare with other accounts with no fees and what your outcome will then be in 15 years as a comparison. Other items that either dispute the reason why you own the annuity, or if it is providing value to you. Either way, you will know and that will allow you to sleep better at night. 

If you would like to start the Custom Annuity Review process without obligation, please call an Investment Advisor Representative by clicking the box below, thank you!

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