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"STROLL" Val Vista Lakes Magazine Ad: Rates are subject to change at any time. Since the latest Stroll issue was published, rates have increased. Below is the updated ad with some current rates, terms available as short as 6-months. Please call us at 480-878-7444 for a product package with complete details and full disclosure.  

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Our Concierge Program process:

At Rise Financial Group, we begin the process by holding a meeting with you at our Val Vista Lakes office location so that we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation, your goals, your income needs, your risk tolerances, and what your current likes/dislikes, or concerns are with your current portfolio. After our third meeting, and discussion of how we can improve your overall investment portfolio, we will provide you with our $50 dinner gift certificate. 

  • First Meeting - Fact finding meeting held at our office

  • Second Meeting - Present income and investment plan, discuss changes

  • Third Meeting - Final plan presented, gift card is offered at the end of the meeting, regardless of becoming a client.

  • NOTE: We ask that those using our Concierge Program process due so in good faith. 

Fixed-Interest Disclosure: Rates are based on Company's 02/01/2023 declared interest rate for the multi-year guaranteed, single-premium, deferred fixed annuity. The initial rate guarantee period is 3 or 5 years, whichever you choose. Initial rate subject to change based on date of application.  This is an insurance product and not insured by the FDIC, the NCUSIF, or any other government agency. It is guaranteed by, and the obligation of, the financial institution that sells it. All contract guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuing insurance company. The company rating is AM Best A- and has history of insurance since 1937. 

Designed Income Disclosure - February 2023 offering is 10.10%: This is a structured not investment issued by Bank of America Finance, LLC, CUSIP # 09709VES1. Please note: This is not a private placement, it is an equity index-linked security that provides interest that is determined by certain contingencies, including the "coupon barrier", the "principal barrier", and a "callable feature" to protect both the issuer and the investor. The full Investment Proposal and Contract is available in PDF format. Please call our office to go over this in detail. I have provided a self-help illustration to help explain below.


  • Coupon Rate = 10.10% Annual Yield (coupon paid quarterly)​

  • Maturity: 36 months

  • Underwritten by Bank of America Finance, LLC

    • Performance tracks lesser of DJIA, NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500​

  • Coupon Barrier 25.0% (call for info on this feature)

  • Example of Coupon on a $100,000 investment would pay approximately $2,400 per quarter based on the parameters listed in the below PDF attachment Investment Addendum. Please call for info on this "Dividend-Type" income generating portfolio.  

  • ​Principal Barrier 50.0% (tracked equity indexes can be down up to 50% and your principal will be returned at the end of the 36 month maturity period. Call for full and complete info on this feature)

  • Execution Date = December 22nd, 2022

  • Call Provisions: Issuer Callable after 1 year* (this is a protection feature, call for more info)

  • click PDF button below for full Designed Income addendum 

  • See chart below

Copy of 2-2023 Desgined income wnotes (1).png

Social Security Information and Infographics: The chart below corresponds with the Stroll Magazine article representing your FRA, or "Full Retirement Age" callout in the article, as well as, a few other supporting charts and graphs...

FRA SS.png

What if I start my benefits before my Full Retirement Age? Find your birth year below and this would be the reduction in your Social Security payment if you were to start your payments early at 62. There are a number of reasons why you should, or shouldn't wait to start Social Security, let us create a personalized report to show you how to not only maximize your Social Security payments, but to potentially lower your taxes as well! 

SS loss.jpg

Your Social Security payment also has the potential to increase each year, as it is tied to COLA, or "Cost of Living Adjustments", which the Government calculates each year based on certain parameters of inflation. Below is a chart of COLA adjustments from 1981 through 2022.

Doc7-1 (1).jpg

Please reach out to our office to receive a Social Security brochure to help you in understanding the in's and out's of the program...

Social Security Disclosures: Neither Daniel Anderson, nor Rise Financial Group are associated with, endorsed or employed by the Social Security Administration or any Government agency.

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