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We customize each investment portfolio to provide our clients with a wider range of options that fit their risk profile.

At Rise Financial Group, our innovative approach to investing is focused on understanding our clients and providing personalized investment solutions. Additionally, we believe that client access to our investment professionals is an invaluable service that is rare in the financial services industry. It is not uncommon for our client's to have one-on-one calls with top-tier Money Managers with our Third-Party Investment Team.

The customized portfolios we build for clients are primarily comprised of a diversified grouping of Exchange Traded Funds or Common Stocks. By using ETF’s and common stocks, this gives us the low, or no cost underlying investment options that can be sold immediately. As the market changes, we can react without delay or added costs of loads or penalties.


Strategic portfolio options are created by the upper-level Portfolio Managers and are implemented to deliver their vision. Once the portfolio is focused, monitoring the strategic objectives ensures that the strategy stays aligned. As an example, if a specific portfolio contains 50 stocks, those stocks were chosen by the Investment board after a thorough process of elimination based on a set of criteria. During a cyclical portfolio review (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), if 3 of the stocks no longer meet the criteria, there are 3 others that have been researched, approved and ready to replace. This is true "active management" in a strategic portfolio. 

On the other hand, a Tactical Portfolio is a rules-based investment strategy designed to generate excess returns over global stock market indices. Equity markets around the globe often display wide dispersions of return over time. This creates the opportunity to make tactical investment decisions and rotate client funds to areas of strength around the globe.

The tactical investment process identifies broad geographic investment markets (and their sub-sectors) where price momentum is greatest. In significant and sustained down markets throughout the world, a Tactical Portfolio can deploy a catastrophic cash call and move 100% to cash. Our Tactical Portfolio is actively managed to maximize risk-adjusted return over full market cycles.


Asset allocation refers to the mix of investments in a portfolio. It describes the proportion of stocks, bonds and cash that make up any given portfolio—and maintaining the right asset allocation is arguably the most important decision long-term investors can make.

Stocks and bonds offer contrasting advantages and disadvantages. History tells us that over the long run, stocks have a higher rate of return than bonds. Since 1926, stocks have enjoyed an average annual return almost twice that of bonds. At the same time, stocks come with more volatility. Bonds in a portfolio reduce the volatility, but at the cost of lower expected returns. This dynamic can make the decision between stock and bond allocations seem difficult.

Our Allocation portfolios are "Actively Managed", and designed for long-term capital appreciation by using a rigorous investment processes by high-level Investment Managers. 

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Unlike many financial firms, Rise Financial Group does not use investments that charge 12b-1 fees. These are commonly associated with mutual funds and are additional fees the fund company charges its current investors to pay for marketing or advertising to acquire new clients. Obviously, this will hurt long-term performance and can lead to a significant cost for the investor.

We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we’ve built with reputable brokerage firms that allow us to access investments not typically offered or “open” to the individual investor. Due to the fact we are not obligated to any one particular investment company, we are able to offer our clients the benefit of unlimited choices.




We review your risk tolerance level, along with learning about your goals and the timeline for your objectives. By working together, we will develop a wealth management plan that reflects your values.



We charge a flat percentage fee for wealth management. Your goals are our goals. Since our interests are aligned, we manage your portfolio without pressure to meet sales objectives or quotas.



You’ll hear from Rise Financial Group regularly, and you can always contact us with any questions. Our goal is to establish a relationship that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident in your decisions to make us our Wealth Advisor.

We would love to put together a "Personalized Portfolio" for you! Let us show you how our portfolio design can cover the basis for risk and reward in your retirement! 
Please click the button below to schedule a no-obligation appointment with a Registered Investment Advisor to start designing your portfolio.
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