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We decided to "shake things up" and make it easier for you to understand the way you pay your Financial Advisor, and here's why:
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Nearly 73% of investors don't know exactly how much money they pay in investing-related fees.

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One survey found that a whopping 64% of investors do not know how to check which investing fees they may be getting charged for...

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Around 45% of investors have been charged an fee that was unexpected, or that they didn't know they were being charged.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you actually understood the fee you paid your advisor? At Rise Financial Group, we believe so!

  • Nearly 73% of investors don’t know how much money they paid in investing related fees*.  We want to change that.  We want you in the know of the 27%! You'll know exactly what fees you are paying!

  • One in four investors don’t know if they pay any investing-related fees at all. Another 31% know they’re charged fees, but don’t know what they are or what they’re for. Less than half (44%) know exactly what fees they’re responsible for on their investment accounts.

  • Around 45% of investors have been charged an unexpected fee. The top five (5) most surprising fees were:

    • account fees (19%)

    • administrative fees for 401(k) (16%)

    • stock trading fees (14%)

    • mutual fund transaction fees (11%), and...

    • annual fees (9%)


We want to do better and push fee disclosure in a new direction, because we place a high value on transparency in every sense of the word. This belief inspired us to create a clear fee structure. 

Just like other professionals such as a CPA or an attorney, our straight-forward Fee program is structured so it doesn't matter how simple or how complicated your situation is...


Also, your fees have the ability to actually go down when you hit a pre-set dollar amount, either as your account grows, or you add additional funds from your household! We track that dollar amount and alert you the very day you reach that goal!

*SOURCE: Magnify Money Survey


Do you understand what fees you are paying? Or, do you know how much your Financial Professional is charging you in your current portfolio? If not, please schedule a free "fee" consultation and we will run a Portfolio Analysis Review for you at no cost, just click the button below.
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