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Are you TURNING 65, or retiring and leaving your group plan?!

If the answer is yes to either of the above, join us for a no-cost, no-obligation class, "Getting Ready to Start Medicare", to learn the in's and out's of what is important when choosing the type of Medicare plan is best for you.

People don't do enough planning when they are nearing age 65 and ready to start Medicare. This class will help you understand "what is important to do prior to turning 65, or leaving my group plan", and more importantly, teach you how to get ALL the benefits of your Medicare plan and Part D drug plan once you do start. What does it pay for, how much can you expect to pay "out-of-pocket" on the plan you choose, etc... I also expose the biggest "secret" the Medicare companies don't tell you, but the trap you will fall into with certain companies and not even know it! 

The people I meet leave so much on the table, there are rich benefits available on plans, but they don't know how to access them. We will change that in this class so you get started off on the right foot!

WHAT: "Getting Ready to Start Medicare" class
If you can gather yourself and at least 1 other person interested in learning about starting Medicare, I will hold a personal class for you!
WHEN: To Be Announced
Rise Financial Group Offices
3303 East Baseline Rd #107
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Call us at (480) 878-7444 to be added to our list, or click the button below.


NOTE: Light snacks and beverages will be available free of charge

We HELP Retirees Understand Medicare!!

Healthcare in retirement may cost more than you think. According to a recent study*, a 65-year old couple retiring in 2019 can expect to spend $285,000 in health care and medical expenses (including premiums and out-of-pocket costs) throughout retirement.

That’s why it’s important to carefully consider your healthcare options, including Medicare for retirees, when planning for retirement. By maximizing your benefits (including Social Security and employer-sponsored health plans) and using a protection strategy to help protect your retirement, you can make sure you’re prepared to better manage your healthcare costs in retirement.

*Fidelity's 2019 Retiree Health Care Cost Estimate

We Review Your Medicare Plans Yearly to Maximize Benefits and Potentially Save Money on Medications

Plan to review and compare your Medicare health and prescription drug plan coverage options annually. The annual Medicare Open Enrollment is an important opportunity to help manage that estimated $285,000 in health care and medical expenses.

This is your time to ensure your current plan is still the best fit for your budget and health needs. It’s also important to consider if this is true for your spouse as well.

We suggest that each year you:

  1. Review your plan's annual notice of changes that is sent to you.

  2. Think about what matters most to you, e.g. medication coverage, specialist care or being able to choose a particular doctor.

  3. Find out if you qualify for help paying for your Medicare.

  4. Shop for plans that meet your retirement needs and fit your budget.

  5. Check your plan’s star rating before you enroll.

We provide in-person or virtual reviews of your Medicare plan, just contact us today at (480) 878-7444.

Do you go on Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage? Choosing the Right Plan!

Another important decision regarding Medicare for retirees: Should you use Original Medicare or go with a Medicare Advantage Plan? If you choose original Medicare, should you consider Medi-gap, and if so, which one do I pick? It is all so confusing!

Before making that decision, you’ll want to understand the difference between the plans. offers a booklet called "Medicare and You," it is a helpful book to have on hand. However, know that our Advisors are versed in all the Medicare plans available in your State and are ready to help. Note: We don't call you like the major call centers, we take YOUR call and simply provide info that helps you chose the right plan. Because we are independent, we can work with all companies. Many online agents are "captive agents" 

  • Medi-gap works with Original Medicare and fills the gaps which aren't covered. We can go through all the plans to find out which option will fit your healthcare needs.

  • A Medicare Advantage Plan is an all-in-one alternative to Original Medicare. These “bundled” plans include Part A, Part B, and usually Part D. Most plans offer extra benefits— like vision, hearing, dental, and more.”

Once you understand the options available to you, what we will help you with is:

  • Add and compare costs associated with the different plans

  • Look at networks, providers and if your medications are covered

  • Help considering if added benefits are needed, such as vision, dental, hearing care and SNF coverage.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to talk with someone who’s well informed about Medicare for retirees and familiar with your specific financial circumstances? You can. When you work with Rise Financial Group, we offer comprehensive retirement planning, which includes a no-cost, no-obligation consultation regarding your Medicare options. Our advisors can help you navigate the Medicare maze and help choose a plan for you.




In just a few minutes, we will gather a bit of information to get ready for our Medicare meeting where will cover all your available options.



Together, we will put a Medicare supplement plan together that fits your specific health needs. Need a drug plan? We help you with that too!



Rest assured you are working with a Fiduciary Advisor, that is not common in this business. You will feel better knowing you are on the plan best for your situation!

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