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Your IRA can actually help protect your Spouse and Estate!
This RMD Management program will help accomplish:

Distribute your IRA's Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) amount each year on-time, in order to satisfy the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and bypass the 50% penalty.

You will benefit by satisfying your IRS mandated annual RMD and receive a fixed interest rate guaranteed by the insurance company (current fixed rate for RMD management is 7.0% annual interest). You know exactly the value of your assets available for you to use year-to-year, or how much will protect your spouse or estate when you are gone. My clients who were getting 1% at the Banks and eroding their principal, are now protected with guaranteed rates and benefits. 

Benefit by satisfying your IRS mandated RMD and growing your account* each year at a guaranteed rate set at the time of purchase. (rate is currently 7.0%)

Your spouse has several options that will protect him/her at the time of your death.

Close out, or transfer the death benefit amount/account value in a lump sum. *Keep in mind, an IRA has never been taxed, always consult a tax professional before agreeing to your options. We suggest having a Fiduciary Advisor here at Rise Financial Group provide assistance and only use direct, company-to-company transfers to keep tax status and avoid over-taxation which cannot be reversed.

Use the benefit for additional income to guarantee some, or all, of the Social Security income benefit that will be lost at the time of your spouses' death. Remember, you can only collect 1 Social Security benefit at the time of a spouses passing, that benefit equals whichever spouses payment was higher at the time of the death, plus a one time lump sum death benefit of $255. Example: Bill receives $2,700 per month from Social Security, Mary receives $1,350. Total household Social Security benefit equals $4,050. If Bill was to pass, Social Security would now pay Mary only $2,700 per month total, that is a household income loss of $1,350 per month/$16,200 per year or a 33% loss in income. Our program can help cover a portion, or maybe even all of that loss! 

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Graph showing year-by-year income and loss at death
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The dark green bar above represents a couple's income while both on Social Security. When one spouse passes, there is an immediate loss of Social Security income. We develop a plan with our clients to replace that lost income.

The light green bar above represents the "updated income amount" after the death of a spouse. Have you ever had an income plan presented to you? Are you prepared to replace a loss in income due to death?

The gray-blue bar above represents the income replacement plan we put in place for you or your significant other. This income plan is seamless, and will be ready to start immediately after the passing of your loved one.

The below graph is the Year-by-Year workings of our RMD Solutions program, this is current as of January 1, 2022. You will earn a rate of 7.0% while taking your RMD withdrawal each year. As you can see on the left side, it shows the calculated RMD amount and the accumulated value each year (under "withdrawals). The middle column shows how much has been taken cumulatively by year. Lastly, the far right column shows how much you would leave to your Spouse or Estate if you were to pass. I don't know of many accounts that you can take your RMD's and grow your investment at the same time. The reason this is, because the percentage amount that the IRS requires be removed each year, is increasing beyond a point where the investment can't keep up with the withdrawals. This account is generating positive gains early on so that by the time you are near life expectancy, you have not only benefitted from many years of withdrawals, but know that if you pass, your spouse or estate will also be taken care of. Wouldn't you agree that spousal protection is worth it's weight in gold? (Illustration updated 1-2022)

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Initial IRA Deposit, grows at 7.0%

Arrow shows value over time

This is the amount you would pass to your Spouse or Estate.

This is the amount of money that was withdrawn over the years to satisfy your IRS RMD's.

If you would like to see how we can help protect your spouse and estate from RMD erosion, please click the button below to schedule a no-obligation appointment with a Registered Investment Advisor
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