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Multi-year Guaranteed Annuities pay the published interest rate for the number of years indicated, terms range from 1+ years.*

MYGA's (Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities) are often mentioned in the same breath as certificates of deposit. This is done rightfully so, as they’re extremely similar in nature.

A CD requires you stash away your money for a specific period of time. Once the CD reaches the maturity date, you have the option to renew it (at the interest rate offered by the bank) or withdraw your initial deposit, along with the interest earned. Similarly, you are also able to renew a MYGA at the end of your contract. If you choose not to renew your MYGA with a new contract, you could instead withdraw the principal and interest. At that time, you could also transfer the money into a new, higher-yielding MYGA (if available, and to any company) using a 1035 tax-free exchange that would not trigger any tax implications and continue your tax deferral.

Multi-year guaranteed annuities can be used as a substitute for CDs in your financial plan, or you could invest in them alongside a CD. They can offer a potentially safer way to invest for your future, maybe as a partial replacement for your bonds in a portfolio (versus investing fully in the stock market) while also enjoying a favorable tax treatment once you begin withdrawing the money.

Fill in the form below and chose which account you would like more information for, we will email you a full illustration of values. Also, please indicate if you would like to take monthly interest payments, which will provide how much those payments will be each month.

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*Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

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