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Below you will find a list of services and requirements for working with Rise Financial Group:

In order to work with Rise Financial Group, we require that you have at least $50,000 in available investable assets and be a United States Citizen. (Please understand that this has nothing to do with discriminating those with lesser assets, it has to do with the minimums required on our portfolios and being able to purchase whole shares of stock, etc., equally in a portfolio when setting up a portfolio.) If you meet our requirements, please read our list of available services below.​​

  • Retirement and Income Planning

  • Managed stock programs

  • Low-cost ETF Portfolios

  • Tactically-managed Portfolios

  • Diversified Income Portfolios

  • Institutional Funds

  • Buffered-Index Offerings

  • Buffered ETF Offerings

  • Designed-Income Offerings

  • Traditional Bond and Municipal Bond Portfolios

  • Portfolios providing yield for monthly or quarterly income payments

  • Growth annuities

  • Income annuities

  • Life Insurance

  • Mortgage Life Insurance

  • Help finding high-yielding CD's

  • Traditional Long-Term Care and Hybrid Long-term care options

  • Medicare Supplements and Drug Plans

  • Under 65 health insurance​ options

  • Accident, Short or Long-term Disability and Cancer Insurance 

  • No-cost 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plan and IRA Rollovers

*Stock and Bond Portfolios are managed my a third-party money manager.

NOTE: If you are not a United States Citizen but have a tax ID number that would allow you to make investments inside the United States, feel free to call us.

If you would like to get some questions answered in relation to any of the above options, please click the button below to schedule a no-obligation appointment with a Registered Investment Advisor.
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