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Buffered Index and Designed Income Offerings for October 2023

Minimum investment in the below offerings is $25,000

NOTE: Due to volume of incoming investments, accounts must be processed and funded at least 10 days prior to the above date. Funding deadline date is

October 4th-9th, 2023. Rates are only guaranteed through the processing period.

Offering #1: Designed Income October 10th, 2023

  • Coupon Rate = 9.85% Annual Yield (coupon paid quarterly)​
  • Maturity: 36 months
  • Underwritten by Bank of America (CUSIP 09711ANM6)

    • Performance tracks DJIA, NASDAQ 100 and the S&P 500​

  • Coupon Barrier 25.0% (call for info on this feature)

  • Example of Coupon on a $100,000 investment would pay approximately $2,339 per quarter based on the parameters listed in the below PDF attachment Investment Addendum. Please call for info on this "Dividend-Type" income generating portfolio.  

  • Principal Barrier 40.0% (tracked equity indexes can be down up to 40% and your principal will be returned at the end of the 36 month maturity period. Call for full and complete info on this feature)
  • Execution Date = October 10th, 2023
  • Call Provisions: Issuer Callable after 1 year* and reviewed quarterly (this is a protection feature, call for more info on this feature)
  • click PDF button below for full Designed Income presentation 
  • See chart below
Designed income wnotes 10-2023.png

Offering #2: Dual-Directional Buffered Index

  • Term: 24 months

  • This portfolio does not participate in dividends

  • Underwritten by JP Morgan Chase (CUSIP# 48134AQ57)

    • Investment tracks the S&P 500 and DJIA​

  • The portfolio is UNCAPPED, meaning you will capture unlimited interest the tracked index returns over the 24 months. In addition, it also will pay you interest at the rate of 107% of earned interest. You will receive the full return of the index if it is 50.00%... If the index returns 30% (for example) you would receive 30% return, as the percentage you can earn is uncapped. In addition, the account pays interest at the rate of 107%. This means if the index actually earned 30%, you would be credited 32.10% interest, if the index earned 50%, you would be credited 53.5%. (see mechanics of portfolio in the chart below)

  • Offers a "Dual-Directional" buffer of 15.0%

    • What is a "Buffer"? A buffer offers a level of "protection" to your assets. In this case, it is "Dual-Directional". Example, if at the end of 24 months, the portfolio has dropped 17.0%, you would add the buffer of 15.0% and only be down 2.0%. However, the feature gives actually gives a return if the return is between 0% and negative -15.0%. So, if it was down 15.0%, you would actually receive the inverse of that, or positive (+)15.0%, which is a 30% swing! Or, if it was down -10.0%, you would be up 10.0% (a 20% swing). Any negative loss between 0% and 15% would offer you the opposite gain on the positive side, or what we call "dual-directional". ​

    • With a volatile market, people are looking for buffers, or options to get some level of protection on their funds, this can help for a portion of those funds.

  • Execution Date = October 13th, 2023

  • This portfolio has no call provisions

  • Click the PDF button below for the full Dual-Directional presentation

Dual Directional uncapped 10-2023.png

Offering #3: 100% Buffered-Index Offering

  • Term: 18 months

  • This portfolio does not participate in dividends

  • Underwritten by Goldman Sachs & Company, LLC (CUSIP# 40057WB71)

    • Tracks the S&P 500 and the DJIA

  • This portfolio is intended to offer additional "buffers" up to 100.00% of market loss at the end of the 18 month term. Example, your portfolio is down 30% at the end of 18 months, you would have no losses due to market risk. If it was down 40%, you would also have no loss due to market risk. It provides a level of protection that a normal portfolio can't do.

  • Cap: 16.50% - this means that over the 18 months, you cannot earn interest above 16.50%. If the return at the end of 18 months is 16.50% or less, you would get the full return, if it returned 19.50%, you would receive 16.50%. Goldman Sachs caps higher potential growth over 16.50% because in order to provide the client with a 100% Market Loss Protection, this is necessary.

  • Execution Date = October 13th, 2023

  • Click the PDF button below for the full Buffered Index presentation

100pct Buffered-Index example 24mos w-cap 10-2023.png

If there is any interest in one of the above portfolios, please reach out to our office to set up a strategy meeting. This meeting is about an hour long and we take the time initially, to understand your needs and risk tolerance. (Please click here to our Risk Assessment webpage. The results will feed to us so we are prepared for our initial meeting).

As always, you can simply call our office phone number at: (480) 878-7444, or you can send us an email at:

We look forward to meeting with you and having the opportunity to gain your business.



Dan Anderson

Founder/Registered Investment Advisor

Rise Financial Group

Contact us below for more information and to receive a full prospectus by mail or e-mail, or call us at 480-878-7444.

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